1. You need to fork the GitHub repository.
  2. Create you own branch.
  3. Be sure to add/update tests and documentation within your patch.

Additionally, you can install pre-commit to ensure you are doing things well:

$ python -m pip install -U --user pre-commit
$ pre-commit install



You will need tox:

$ python -m pip install -U --user tox

How to Test?

Launch the test suit:

$ tox

# or
$ TOXENV=py37 tox

This will test MSS and ensure a good code quality.

Code Quality

To ensure the code is always well enough using flake8:

$ TOXENV=lint tox

Static Type Checking

To check type annotation using mypy:

$ TOXENV=types tox


To build the documentation, simply type:

$ TOXENV=docs tox